Spring 2015 Floral Stripes Dots Nail Art

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Spring is here!  Warm weather, cool weather, don’t pack up your Winter clothes and slowly pull out your Summer clothes.  I do love the variety in weather that Spring offers.  Where I live, it can be 80 degrees one day, snowing the next and then back to 70 then next day.  
Because I love variety in everything, I love Jamberry for a huge variety of nail art.
Jamberry has so many prints to choose from.  The best, creative, versatile and long lasting nail art is right here, from Jamberry.  I love black and yellow for fall .  Black is still a hint of winter and yellow for the beautiful, fresh prospect of Summer.
Of course there are some amazing Jamberry wraps that will perfect with this color pairing.
This very well could be my favorite floral from Jamberry.
Jamberry Simply Daisy
You could wear these on every nail or use lacquer and then mix and match with other wraps.
Jamberry Black and White Polka
These would look great with the Simply Daisy, any color lacquer or even stripes!  Fun and flirty yet not over the top.
The silver wrap with black flowers are no longer available.  But if you go here, you will find anything you need to have super, sweet nails.
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