New Nail Care from Jamberry

Oooo lala… Just what we need!  These products are all geared towards the best, healthy nails you crave.  These new products will complete your mani/pedi set.

Jamberry Non Acetone Lacquer Remover

The Nail Lacquer Remover is a non-acetone formula is designed to effectively remove lacquer without drying out the nail or finger. The pump top allows for single-hand use – just press down with a cotton ball to infuse it effortlessly.  I love this!  I always wanted a pump just like the salon and now that I do my own nails, I have this too! I love it, makes doing my nails so much easier.  I can get any wrap, polish, lacquer off effortlessly.

I absolutely love the alcohol-based Nail Cleanser it helps prepare your nail beds for a flawless application. Use after our non-acetone Lacquer Remover to completely clean any remaining residue from lacquered nails or nail wrap removal.  Quickest, easiest way to great nails.

Ok so yes, we have all been using cuticle oil for years.  But, have you tried cuticle oil in a pen?  So convenient and so  much neater than the old way.

Jamberry Cuticle Oil

Also, to compliment the Cuticle Oil Pen you should grab the ultimate on-the-go Cuticle Remover.  It’s a pen too! The special tip helps with precise application of our specialty formula.

These products are new and are great!  Hot off the presses and with the same quality and value you have come to expect from Jamberry.