Fun Idea for Some Mommy and Me Time!

Jamberry Juniors Mommy and Me

Need some girl time with your sweet ones?  Studies show what we already know, all our kids want from us is time.  Just time.  Mommy and me time can be so fun, relaxing and most of all it helps cement a bond between and mother and her daughter.

My friend has asked me to have a Jamberry table set up at her Mommy and Me Party.  I think this is such a FUN idea!  Jamberry sells the cutest junior nail wraps around!  They even have nail art that matches the adult versions.  They are adorable!

jamberry junior mommy and me

I love these ones for Summer!  They go with just about any outfit, any occasion.  Take a look at these:

jamberry junior patriot mommy and me

PERFECT for Memorial Day and 4th of July.

jamberry juniorsToo cute right?  Think about hanging out with your special girl or girls.  Make a playlist of songs they love and songs you loved when you were young.  Talk about growing up and what you loved, what was hard, etc.  You can make fun drinks like flavored soda, hot chocolate, or tea.  Make these yummy chocolate dipped pretzels.

chocolate dipped pretzels

You could also make super-fun Tie Dye Cupcakes.

tie dye cupcakes

Let the conversation flow.  Enjoy yourself. Relish the moment.  Time goes by too fast, slow down and enjoy with those you love.


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