About Me

Jamberry                              Jamberry Consultant

Hello World!  It’s me, Lori O.  I am a Jamberry Consultant here to serve you!  I became a consultant to pay for my addiction!  I truly love Jamberrys and I believe in the product.

I am a tomboy at heart and I have three boys that keep me busy doing rough, tough, outdoor activities.  I was so tired of my manicures only lasting less than a week.  I would try to paint my nails at home, always with disastrous results.  From making a complete mess and painting my cuticles to not ever seeming to get the stuff to dry!  I was over it.

Then a friend started selling Jamberry.  She sent me a couple of samples and sent some pictures of hers.  I was sold!  My samples lasted about 10 days!!  I was convinced and in love!

I am a Stay at Home so I don’t have unlimited funds for my nail care.  The solution?  Become a consultant.  I love telling everyone about them!  I get to pay for my Jamberry products and not affect the family budget.  Just look how cute:

Jamberry Boardwalk

Jamberry Edgy

Jamberry Mermaid Tales

If you have any questions at all, please fill this out and I will get right back to you!