Sorority Nails are Here

Are you looking for nail wraps with sorority designs?  Want nail decals to show your sorority sister pride?  They are here! Jamberry makes a huge variety of sorority wraps.  These would make the best gift for any sorority girl in your life. Sorority Chapter Presidents, Sisterhood Event Planners, and New Member Coordinators all use these […] Continue reading →

Jamberry Application for Curved Nails

I have my Mothers nails.  My sister does too. I don’t remember my Grandma having them so maybe it came from my Grandpa’s side of the family.  We have curved nails.  For sure, we are in the minority, most people have nice, broad, flat fingernails.  My husband calls them talons.  But really it did cause […] Continue reading →

A Super Fun, Super Cute Jamberry Nail Wrap

Jamberry Clowning Around Cutest nail art ever! I so love this new Mixed Mani from Jamberry! It is called Clowning Around and it’s available now! Totally cute and cool and awesome, right!?!  They are rainbow color so the possibilities are endless, truly.  Pair the two patterns together or with a solid lacquer or do all three together! These […] Continue reading →

New Nail Care from Jamberry

Nail Care from Jamberry Oooo lala… Just what we need!  These products are all geared towards the best, healthy nails you crave.  These new products will complete your mani/pedi set. The Nail Lacquer Remover is a non-acetone formula is designed to effectively remove lacquer without drying out the nail or finger. The pump top allows for single-hand use – […] Continue reading →

My Jamberry Consultant Kit is Here!

Jamberry Consultant Kit Contents Christmas just came to my house in the form of a beautiful box delivered by the ole familiar, always delivering happiness, UPS truck. I literally yelled out with excitement when it pulled on to my street. My boys came running, lol.  Here it is: I opened it immediately and was so happy to see all […] Continue reading →